We are more than an international company with interesting opportunities. NIIP unites diverse people, capabilities and ideas

A leader in innovation and capital strength


To adapt quickly to short-term changes in the market is made possible on the one hand by our financial strength, on the other hand it arises from innovations. We value continuous development.


We actively propose solutions – if the tender allows – in order to optimize quality and costs for our clients. We recognize committed behavior and the contribution of each individual to our success.


Elegant graphic designs help to increase your sales and create a well-defined brand identity. Produce visual aids to communicate your ideas

Business giants and other aggressive competitors are sweeping up market share in every industry, leaving historical brands reeling in their wake. But as executives seek the answer on how to compete, they too often act on the obsolete assumption that all revenues are good, and all costs are bad. To create a winning strategy, companies must follow three rules: choose your customer, align your resources, and manage your organization. Do you know how to double your profit peaks and reduce your profit drains? Join us to unpack these three cornerstones to not just boost your profits in the near term but ensure years of sustained profitable growth.


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A Leader in innovation and capital strength. Together we create added value for our clients by integrating a wide variety of services and taking responsibility for them: We bring people and our services to the right place at the right time and thus also implement complex construction projects – on time, with quality and at the best price.

We are a pioneering force in several industrial, commercial & various segment, A leading Indian company in identifying, developing and providing products and services in the local and international market. Our extensive and diversified portfolio of investments touches upon the many ways people live, work and outperform the competition. 

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